OCET, MSC Entrance, This exam is conducted by different universities all over INDIA through semiautonomous or autonomous approach. It can be conducted jointly as per state universities or at its own level individually. Haryana is such a state which conducts M.Sc. entrance on joint basis for seven universities through one entrance but, on the other hand Punjab university and HPU,DU,KU,GNDU conducts individually. These universities provides subject wise exam option to the students under different streams.

On the other hand, research institutes also conducts OCET / MSc  entrance exam for various courses autonomously at advanced level which provides M.Sc integrated Ph.D programs or GENERAL M.Sc. courses for students at individual level.

Use This For Any Enquiry Regarding OCET/MSc  Entrance Exam.

Punjab University Chandigarh http://cetpg.puchd.ac.in/

Himachal Pradesh University  http://www.hpuniv.in/

Delhi University  http://www.du.ac.in/du/

Kurukshetra University  http://www.kuk.ac.in/

Jawaharlal Nehru University  http://www.jnu.ac.in

 Guru  nanak de v university Amritsar: www.gnduadmissions.org

IISER MOHALI : www.iisermohali.ac.in

Central universities : www.cucet2018.co.in

Banaras Hindu University : www.bhu.ac.in

Agriculture university (ICAR) : www.icar.org.in


SYLLABUS & PREPARATION FOR OCET EXAM / MSc Entrance: OCET – This exam is conducted for M.Sc. entrance by Punjab university Chandigarh as combined entrance test for B.Sc. graduates who wants to pursue MSc in specialised field like Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Math and other streams. It is …

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OCET / MSc Entrance Coaching Batch Starting in SYLLABUS & PREPARATION FOR OCET EXAM / MSc Entrance: OCET – This exam is conducted for M.Sc. entrance by Punjab university Chandigarh as combined entrance test for B.Sc. graduates who wants to pursue MSc in specialised field like Biotechnology,Botany,Zoology,Microbiology,Biophysics,Biochemistry,Physics,Chemistry, Math and other streams. It …

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Preparation of entrance exam in India have remain a tough task for students as they have to prepare for number of exams in order to get admission into reputed colleges after graduation. So one must have the best strategy and planning for particular entrance exam. OCET is an exam which …

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Courses available for MSc Aspirants in Punjab University by Clearing PU-OCET Exam

PUNJAB UNIVERSITY COMBINED ENTRANCE TEST a.k.a PU-OCET This is the one of most wanted exam of Punjab University as this university ranks among top ranker in India in the field of academics as well as research. It offers variety of courses to students for Post-Graduation. The following are courses which are …

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Bansal Career Guide: Tips to Crack PU-OCET/ MSc Entrance Exam

Tips to Crack PU-OCET / M.Sc. Entrance Exam 1. Revise all three years syllabus  taught in college or university for General B.Sc. Medical / Non- Medical, B.Sc. ( Honors School ) in specialized subject. Read it thoroughly . Be familiar with the topics, syllabus thoroughly. 2. Now decide which topics, you can …

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Bansal Academy Career Guide: Self Study vs. Coaching

SELF STUDY vs COACHING This is one of the most important aspect when we start preparing for CSIR-UGC NET-JRF exam or any other research oriented exam. During our graduation and Post-Graduation our priority remains different as we want to learn every aspect of the subject for thorough and comprehensive knowledge. During these …

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Why Every UGC NET Life Science & IIT-JAM Aspirant Have First Thought of Bansal Academy Chandigarh?

Bansal Academy is the best institue for UGC NET Life Science Coaching in Chandigarh. Whenever a student plan to have expert coaching for CSIR UGC NET Life Science or JAM, most of the times the first thought remains BANSAL ACADEMY. The reason behind this scenario is past track record of …

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Basic Important Questions of Chemical ScienceCSIR-UGC NET COACHING IN CHANDIGARH

5. The complex has very light pink colour. The best reason for it is a. The complex does not have a charge transfer transition b. d-d transitions here are orbital forbidden but spin allowed c. d-d transitions here are orbital allowed but spin forbidden d. d-d transitions here are both …

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. CLASSICAL MECHANICS: Newtonian Dynamics, Non-inertial frames and pseudo-forces (1-2 Questions). Phase space Dynamics (1 Questions), Stability Analysis (1 Questions). Central force motions (1-2 Questions). Rigid body dynamics, moment of inertia tensor (1 Questions). Special theory of relativity, Lorentz transformations, relativistic kinematics (1-2 Questions). Generalized coordinates. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism, …

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Basic Important Questions of Life ScienceCSIR UGC NET COACHING IN CHANDIGARH

3. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of late successional forest plant species? (A) Large seed size, high root to shoot ratio (B) Long seed dispersal distance, long seed viability (C) Slow growth rate, long maximum life span. (D) Low light saturation intensity, high efficiency at low light …

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